Spanish Princess*  ~  Snow Queen Spring Version  ~  Snow Princess Spring Version  ~  Happy Girl  ~  The Villains' Children  ~  Evil Godmother's Daughter  ~  Cinderella Modern Version  ~  Fairy Tale Teen Girls*  Apple Teen Girl*  ~  Young Sleeping Beauty in Golden Dress*  ~  Sleeping Beauty's Wicked Fairy Godmother*   ~  Neverland Pirate Boy and Girl  ~  Pony Girl*  ~  Pony Princess*  ~  Star Fighter Girl*  ~  Star Fighter Hero*  ~  ​Little Mermaid in Green Gown coming soon!*  ~ Townsperson Beauty coming soon!*

 Favorite Party Packages:

​​​​​​​​​Snow Queen  ~  NEW Snow Queen Spring Version  ~ Snow Princess (Blizzard or Coronation* costume available)  ~   NEW Snow Princess Spring Version  ~  Little Mermaid  ~  Little Mermaid in Pink Gown  (and in Green Gown coming soon!*)  ~  Little Purple Princess the First  ~  Rapunzel  ~  Cinderella (classic or NEW modern costume available)  ~  Beauty & the Beast Princess (and Townsperson* costume coming soon!)  ~  Sleeping Beauty  ~  NEW  Young Sleeping Beauty in Golden Dress*  ~  Aladdin's Princess

Frog Princess  ~  Snow White  ~  Scottish Princess  ~  Pocahontas  ~  Chinese Princess*  ~  Glinda the Good Witch  ~  Pink Sparkly Princess  ~  Glamour Doll Princess  ~  Ballerina Princess  ~  Fairy Princess  ~  Elf Princess*  ~  Pirate Princess*  ~  NEW  Pony Princess*  ~  Star Fighter Princess*

Our characters are public domain and generic character types only.  We do not provide copyrighted or trademarked characters associated  with any specific entertainment or merchandise company.

NEW  Happy Girl  ~  Cute Female Clown  ~  ​Alice  ~  Queen of Hearts  ~  Doctor Girl  ~  Toy Cowgirl  Strawberry Girl (Classic or Modern Version available)  ~  Dorothy  ~  NEW  Sleeping Beauty's Wicked Fairy Godmother*  ~  NEW  The Villains' Children  ~  NEW  Evil Godmother's Daughter  ~  NEW  Fairy Tale Teen Girls*  ~  NEW  Apple Teen Girl*  ~  Monster Teen Girls (Werewolf Girl, Dracula Girl*, Frankenstein Girl*)  ~  Pink & Black Pirate  ~  Glamour Doll * ~  Wonder Hero*  ~  Dragon Rider Girl*  ~ NEW  Neverland Pirate Girl  ~  NEW  Pony Girl*  ~  Loopy Doll*  ~  Lots'a Pink Girl*  ~  Fancy Girl*  ~  Holiday Elf*  ~  NEW  Star Fighter Girl*  ~  Hawaiian Girl*

​​Don't see the character you're looking for?

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We can add some new, popular characters at

no additional charge.

For less popular character additions,

a $25 Special

Request fee

may apply.

 Full Character Lists Below

Clown* ~  Rapunzel's Prince  ~  Reindeer Iceman  ~  Little Mermaid's Prince  ~  Prince Charming  ~  Toy Cowboy*  ~  Mad Hatter  ~  Aladdin*  ~  NEW  Neverland Pirate Boy  ~  Pirate Captain  ~  Captain Hook* Peter Pan  ~  Dragon Rider Boy*  ~  NEW  Star Fighter Hero*  ~  Knight*  ~  Spider Hero  ~  Bat Hero*  Iron Hero  ~  Super Hero  ~  American Hero*  ~  Elf*   ~  More  hero characters may be available upon request.

Hugs Snowman (this is a mascot character and can perform only limited activities ~ inquire for details)

 *(Asterisk) below, denotes there is no photo currently on the website.

Tinker Bell  ~  Tinker Bell's  Sister  ~  Winter Fairy  ~  Rose Fairy*  ~  Fairy Princess  ~  Purple Pink Fairy

​                                             More fairies may be available upon request.

  Please ask to have one sent to you.