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   We have Toy Cowboy, too!

    ask to have one sent to you.

 We have the Mad Hatter, too!

 Exact costume may vary

We have more Villains' Childrencharacters, too!

Our characters are public domain and generic character types only.  We do not provide copyrighted

or trademarked characters associated  with any specific entertainment or merchandise company.

 We have Glinda, too!

(see Princesses page)

  Costume may vary

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We can add

some new,

popular characters at
no additional charge.

For less popular character


a $25 Special
Request fee

may apply.

Pink Genie Sister

Blue Genie Sister

Troll Princess :

(subject to princess pricing)

Laughing Doll

Fancy Girl*

​Pop Star Girl*

Happy Girl

Cute Female Clown


Queen of Hearts

Doctor Girl

Toy Cowgirl 

Strawberry Girl :

~ Classic

~ Modern


Wicked Fairy Godmother* 

The Villains' Children

Fairy Tale Teen Girls*

Apple Teen Girl*

Monster Teen Girls :

~ Werewolf Girl

~ Dracula Girl*

~ Frankenstein Girl*

Pink & Black Pirate*

Wonder Hero Princess*

(subject to princess pricing)

Dragon Rider Girl*

Neverland Pirate Girl

Rainbow Pony Girl*

Glamour Doll*

Loopy Doll*

Lots'a Pink Girl*

Holiday Elf*

Star Fighter Girl

Hawaiian Girl*

Fancy Girl is coming soon! Inquire for availability & photos.

Costume may vary

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 Not all our characters are shown in photos on the website.

Please consult the left-hand list for all characters.

​​​*(Asterisk) below, denotes there

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   May also be worn without googly-eye glasses

 Shown with Pirate Boy

is no photo on the website -

 Exact costume may vary

   Subject to Princess Pricing

Long, pink under-sleeves optional 

Red dress also available

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