costume may vary" mean?

Spanish Princess  NEW!*

Island Princess  NEW!​​*

​Troll Princess NEW!*

Snow Queen

Spring Snow Queen  NEW!

Snow Princess

Spring Snow Princess  NEW!

​Spanish Princess NEW!*

Purple Princess the First


Little Mermaid
Little Mermaid - Pink Gown
Green Gown coming soon!*


Cinderella - Modern  NEW!

Beauty & the Beast Princess

Townsperson Beauty*

Sleeping Beauty 

Aladdin's Princess

Frog Princess

Snow White

Scottish Princess


Chinese Princess​​

Glinda the Good Witch
Pink Sparkly Princess  

Glamour Doll Princess

Young Sleeping Beauty*  NEW! 

Ballerina Princess
Fairy Princess

Elf Princess*

Pirate Princess*

Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell's  Sister
Winter Fairy
Fairy Princess
Purple-Pink Fairy

​Rose Fairy*

 is no photo on the website -

   This gown may also be used

 Exact costume may vary

 Q: Will my performer be

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 Any hair/wig color available

Exact costume may vary

Coronation Gown

Shoes/slippers may vary

Exact costume may vary

  also available

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Q:  Can I choose the performer

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 We also have a dark pink/red Rose Fairy

Nude-colored opaque or

  I want from the pictures?

  This gown may also be used

More Fairies below

      ask to have one sent to you

  ​​​​ Not all our characters are shown in photos on the website.

  Please consult the left-hand list for all characters.

​​​*(Asterisk) below, denotes there

      A: For some

    characters, we

    have multiple

    costumes that

    vary - usually

    very slightly,

    and all are of

     equal quality.

    If you would

    like to see​ the

    exact costume

    your performer

    will wear, just

    ask! You can

    also see​ other

   costumes in

    our Facebook

    albums -- just

          click the                        icons to

     be taken there.

​  ​​ 

​   A: Sometimes

  yes, and


   no; several


   play each


   and not all

   our current

​   performers

   are shown on

    the website.

   But you can

   see more of

   our beautiful

   and talented

         performers on          our Facebook

  page HERE.

   ​​​A:  If you feel

  strongly that

  you would

  like to request

  one​ specific

​  performer, we

  do our very

  best to schedule

  her for you.

​  However, we

          cannot fully           guarantee it,

  as scheduling

 is subject

  to performer


 which can

 be hard to

 predict until

 the week

​  of the event.

  Q: What does "Exact

  the one shown in the picture?​

  Exact costume may vary

First-Class ​​​Princess & Character Party Planner ~ Los Angeles & Orange Counties

Exact costume may vary

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mesh leotard can be worn under for coverage

  Any hair/wig color available

Our characters are public domain and generic character types only.  We do not provide copyrighted

or trademarked characters associated  with any specific entertainment or merchandise company.

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 Exact costumes may vary

  Green Gown coming soon!

       for Pink Princess, Glinda & Glamour Doll

More Fairies below

for Pink Princess, Fairy Princess & Glamour Doll

  Exact costume may vary