Fun Activities to Add

Temporary Tattoos$25 total ~
Pretty makeup & nail-painting
$10 total ~
Quick & simple Treasure Hunt
(enough for 25 kids): 
$35 total ~
A Tiara & Wand Crowning for the
Birthday Child
$5 total ~


1 Hour 
 1.5 Hours
2 Hours
1 Princess or Fairy (see below to add additional character(s) at lower price)
1 Non-Princess/Fairy (such as: 
Clown, Toy Cowgirl, Alice, Strawberry, etc.)




To add additional Princess(es) or Character(s), each one is:



Travel Fee Outside of Central Los Angeles:

If your event is further in distance than 15 miles from LA zip code 90028, a Travel Fee will apply. To calculate this fee, simply Google Map the mileage from zip 90028 to the zip code of your event (one way), then subtract 15 from that number. The remaining number of miles is the amount in dollars your Travel Fee will be, per character.*

For example:  You map out zip code 90028 to the zip code of your event, and the mileage is 23 miles (one way). Subtract 15 from 23, which equals 8. So your Travel Fee is $8 Total, per character.

​*Amounts for Malibu, Long Beach, and Rancho Palos Verdes may differ, please ask.


​​A 1-hour or longer visit from your favorite

Princess, Clown or other character

Perfect for parties with 5-25 children. 

Starting at $160 or $175 depending on character. 

Full prices below.

Included Activities*

~ Face-painting ~ Balloon Twisting ~ Storytime ~
Games such as Parachute, Princess Says, Red Light
Green Light & similar games ~ Singalong (when requested

upon initial booking) ~ Posing for Photos
with guests ~ Musical Games
~ Singing Happy Birthday and Cutting Cake with
guests (upon special request) ~

*Number of activities included will depend upon
length of time of character visit and number of children.